Meet Ed, the man behind the metal. As a machinist turned
artist, metal has become his medium. He is a long time
resident of Central Florida. All of the designs available from
Florida Iron Designs are original pieces designed and
handmade by Ed. His signature piece is the vine trellis. Look
for the "vine" style in many of his other designs.
The Artist
The Artist
At Florida Iron Design each piece is considered Art. Every
part is bent, placed, and welded by hand. We use only
heavy duty, high quality steel. Our quality and craftsmanship
sets us apart and is why our "Iron" is "Art".
(Here is an example of unpainted and painted welds.)
No Patina
Full Patina (rusty)
This is how all pieces look the
day they are made and may
look this way when purchased.
This is a temporary finish. The
final finish will be a full patina
for unpainted pieces and a
solid color for painted pieces.
Full Patina is a rusty finish on
the surface of the piece. Most
of our customers prefer the
natural look in their gardens.
This finish is on the surface
only and it in no way
compromises the quality.
A Painted finish is most
commonly used on pieces
that do not usually go in the
garden such as plant and flag
hangers or decorative pieces
that would also be used for
indoor purposes.
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